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Resources for those considering natural burial

For most of us, talking about death isn’t easy, but it’s reassuring for you and your family and friends if your wishes are known. Here’s a short pamphlet to help prompt the conversation. Considering natural burial – A Conversation Starter

Planning ahead can give you, your family and friends peace of mind.   NBA Guide for Natural Burial offers planning tips, like whether or not to pre-pay.

It’s not easy, but imagine bringing a natural burial ground to your community. Here’s an overview of the steps in launching a natural burial ground.

Ways you can help

Most Canadians don’t know natural burial exists. We have a lot of work to do to build awareness and convince municipalities and private cemeteries to get on board. We’d be grateful for your support:


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Donate land.

If you are interested in your rural property being forever protected as a natural burial ground, please get in touch.