A couple visiting a green burial ground A couple visiting a green burial ground

Our Goal

Let’s create natural burial grounds!

We used to have a natural way of caring for our dead, but in much of western society it vanished with the growth of the funeral industry. If you live lightly or simply love nature, cremation and conventional burial may not align with your values. Natural burial grounds are one of many ways we can heal the earth.

Our vision:

Natural burial grounds protect hundreds of acres of nature and give people the option of a gentle goodbye.

Our purpose:

To foster the creation of natural burial grounds in Ontario.

Our Work:

  • Build awareness of natural burial 
  • Support local advocates
  • Educate municipalities about the benefits and need for natural burial grounds
  • Find land for expansive sites in the countryside
  • Affect legislative change that benefits the growth of natural burial grounds (In particular addressing Ontario’s care fund fees which are the highest in all of Canada)