A couple visiting a natural burial ground

Our Goal

Let’s Create a Stand-alone Natural Burial Ground

Most of us try to live in ways that reflect our values. If we try to live lightly or simply love nature, cremation and conventional burial can pose a conflict. If the idea of an eco-friendly ending inspires you, so too will this project, because with natural burial, we can live by our values, even in death.

The goal of the Natural Burial Association is to create a stand-alone natural burial ground in Ontario for people who would like their final resting place to be in a gorgeous rural setting. This burial ground will operate with standards that ensure a healthy habitat, nourished and protected by our presence in the ground.

We are inspired by the stand-alone cemeteries which are successfully conserving land and offering people an end of life choice they value. We envision a peaceful sanctuary, with indigenous foliage and fauna, and trails to welcome the families and friends of those at rest in the earth below.

We are working collaboratively with land trusts, land owners and municipalities to find a beautiful landscape which can be approved for cemetery use.

If reducing your final footprint and having your final rest in nature resonates with you, please sign up to receive news of our progress.