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UK expert proposes burials along the motorways

July 12, 2019

A recent study in the journal Science suggests the best way of addressing climate change is to plant a trillion trees.   Couple that with the fact that the UK is running out of burial space,  plus cremation contributes to greenhouse gases, and a public health expert proposes introducing green burials alongside the UK motorways.  The trees would help to absorb the carbon produced by the cars, the motorways would be visually more appealing and the deceased would be leaving a legacy of a sustainable goodbye for generations to come.

Dr. John Ashton, a public health consultant, says “it’s time to start giving people “green burials” — meaning no embalming fluid, casket or headstone — on unused public lands, such as meadows, former industrial sites and even alongside roadways.”   He admits that at first glance, lying forever alongside a motorway may not sound appealing but over time the area will become a lush-filled green space.  “This is very much in keeping with the movements of what’s happening, the trends towards greening,” he said.


Here’s CBC’s 6 minute As It Happens radio interview (July 8):