Ontario green burial forest

In Honour of Mary Anne

Mary Anne Brinckman was the spark that ignited the Natural Burial Association. Sadly, she died in 2007, only two years after founding NBA. Her family, friends and colleagues have honoured her by creating The Mary Anne Brinckman Fund to establish natural burial grounds in Ontario.

 As many of us know, Mary Anne was lovely, exceptionally bright, and a passionate environmentalist. Her environmental initiatives included the creation of three ‘green’ magazines, including Chickadee and Owl which for  generations have inspired children to love the natural world.
 Mary Anne would be very pleased to know that her Association is doing well, and that her vision of natural burial grounds dotting the Ontario landscape is within reach.  If you would like to make a gift to help us realize Mary Anne’s goal,  your gesture would be appreciated.  Charitable receipts will be issued by our community partner, Small Change Fund.
Mary Anne Brinckman