Ontario meadow of wildflowers

Please Help Us, So You Can Go Down Green!

The idea of natural burial resonates with so many people. Stand-alone natural burial grounds are popping up all over the US and UK. Let’s create one…or more in Ontario. We hope you’ll lend your support. Every person counts.

Here’s how:

Sign me up for major updates

We will only send important updates about openings, public consultations, etc.  Simply by signing up, you help us demonstrate interest to the governments, cemeteries, etc.  (no names or contact information is shared).

Follow us and spread the word on social media

Like us, share us and follow us please! Spread the word. There are lots of people in Ontario who don’t know that a green exit is even possible. Let’s make noise!

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Donate land for natural burial

If you are interested in your rural property forever being protected as a natural burial ground please get in touch.

Discuss your wishes with your family

Talking about death can be difficult, but it’s reassuring for both your family and you to know that your wishes are known.