Ontario Government fees are unfair for natural burial grounds Ontario Government fees are unfair for natural burial grounds

Cost should not be a barrier to those wanting their final resting place in nature.

Cemeteries set their own prices for burial plots, but included in that cost is a mandatory fee set by the Ontario Government for the perpetual care of the cemetery. Although the national average per grave  is 13%, Ontarians must pay a fee of 40%.  For example, if the price of a plot is $4,000, 40% of that price, $1,600,  must be held in reserve.   This fee hugely inflates the out-of-pocket cost of a natural burial for individuals and their loved ones.

We are asking  the Ontario Government to create a new, fair fee specifically for natural burial — set at a reasonable 20% — that reflects the inherently lower maintenance requirements of natural burial grounds.

Without the need for mowing, pesticides/herbicides, and tombstone upkeep, natural cemeteries are a fraction of the cost to maintain compared to conventional cemeteries. Furthermore, they are planned with the goal of gradually returning to a natural state, without the need for significant longterm maintenance.

By introducing a fee that appropriately reflects these considerations, the Ontario Government will make natural burial a viable option for Ontarians, helping to provide a more affordable end-of-life choice, and remove an unnecessary cost burden for grieving families seeking a gentler goodbye.