Ontario Government fees are unfair for natural burial grounds Ontario Government fees are unfair for natural burial grounds

Natural burial grounds are by design simpler – they have no tombstones, manicured lawns or extensive landscaping. They don’t need the same level of upkeep. But Ontario’s high maintenance fee adds significant additional costs for the individual customer, and it is making it very challenging for independent natural burial grounds to open.

When Ontarians buy a cemetery plot, we are subject to a 40% perpetuity fee  — compared to the national average of 13%. It’s a good idea to put money aside for the long term maintenance of a cemetery, but this high 40% rate inflates the price of burial plot (both full body and cremation) unnecessarily.

We are asking the Ontario Government to create a new, fair fee specifically for natural burial   — set at a reasonable 20% — that reflects the inherently lower maintenance costs of natural burial grounds.

Many of us hope for a final resting place in a dedicated natural burial ground — an expansive meadow or forest nestled in nature, not attached to a conventional cemetery. The 40% fee is excessive, and is a barrier to the creation of these beautiful sites.

Please ask your MPP to lower the fee, so natural burial is a more accessible and affordable end-of-life choice for Ontarians.