Beautiful Ontario meadow

Musings on natural burial (aka green) burial

A Natural Burial for Gracie

I had never experienced a natural burial. Then I learned the hard way — firsthand — just how...

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Helma and Mark: natural burial champions

Many people are championing the natural burial movement, but in Ontario two people stand out: Mark Richardson and...

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Even business mags are noticing natural burial

It's wonderful to see that even business magazines are impressed with the growth of the green burial movement....

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Different Ways We Go

Earth to Earth I was nearing the end of my internship when I first heard about natural burials....

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True to Nature

On a Saturday afternoon with no plans,  I decided to check out a new shop in my area....

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UK expert proposes burials along the motorways

A recent study in the journal Science suggests the best way of addressing climate change is to plant a...

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