Green burial ceremony taking place in South Downs, UK. Green burial ceremony taking place in South Downs, UK.

Principles of natural burial:

  • The burial takes place in a natural, or green burial ground. Rather than a manicured cemetery with rows of tombstones, imagine a meadow or woodland;
  • The body is placed in a biodegradable casket or wrapped in a shroud;
  • No chemical embalming or vault is permitted;
  • In place of tombstones, graves are modestly marked with a small stone, a native plant, or a communal dedication. (The location of every grave is recorded, as required by law);
  • The body is buried at 3 – 4 foot depth, where the rich soil strata is;
  • The land is restored and protected in its natural ecosystem.

Natural burial grounds that inspire us:

The first modern day natural burial ground launched in the UK in 1993 and today there are hundreds of sites in both the UK and US. Created by people compassionate for both the planet and people, these natural burial grounds offer a sanctuary for both the dead and the living.

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