Imagine a beautiful Ontario meadow as your final resting place Imagine a beautiful Ontario meadow as your final resting place

Natural green burial grounds

Imagine your final resting place amid nature – in a wild meadow or mossy forest – where your presence protects the land, forever.

If it’s good enough for my cat, it’s good enough for me!

PD, Manotick

I am a gardener. What else is there to say?

CR, Perth

I love the idea of taking care of, and giving back to, the earth that has sustained us. It just makes such good sense!

SH, Collingwood

This is a gift I can give future generations.

JFG, Fort Frances

I have never liked the idea of burning a body. I didn’t even know there was another option, but googled it and Voila! yay! I hope this option will gain ground :) Pun intended.

SS, Port Perry

Save the planet. Feed the butterflies. Spend eternity in nature. I've composted my whole life, won't stop at death.

DS, Niagara on the Lake

“Leave the campsite better than you found it.” A former boyfriend who was a boy scout taught me that.

KD, Toronto

I don't even have words for how meaningful and deep it is for me. It's a connection and a responsibility to the earth. There's humility and love it in. It would be my last commitment to our climate.

JD, Peterborough

Natural burial is the last word I can have on the future of the world.

CM, Lake of Bays

I am a gardener. I love the cycle of life.

CR, Ashton

It makes me feel less creeped out by it all. Very peaceful and beautiful!

LJ, South Mountain

I love the idea of giving back to the earth. I always thought cremation was the way to be environmentally friendly, thank you for the knowledge. Hopefully this will be available when it’s my time.

SH, Yarker

I’ve always joked, just put me in a hole under a tree!! But a natural burial is what I want. And it needs to be an easily accessible option in this province.

KW, Hamilton

I feel more at peace with my death knowing that my remains will return to the cycle of life.

JN, Barrie

We say "earth to earth" in the funeral service, but then we do everything possible to stop that from happening, contaminating the aforementioned earth in the process. It makes no sense.

JB, Owen Sound

I want to leave a world behind that's as beautiful as the one I entered.

EW, Toronto

The circle is completed naturally and lovingly.

DR, Kitchener

I love the earth and soil and want to protect it even in death. I have paddled the lakes and rivers of Ontario and would love to have my death help protect the waters and land that have been so important to my life.

KN, Toronto

I'm working on leaving as little physical imprint on the environment as I can while I'm alive. I would like to do the same when I'm dead.

DM, Chatham

I'm attracted to the natural beauty of it all, plus no unnecessary bells and whistles that cost so much. Bottom line for my husband and I is we can't afford to die yet.

SM, Aurora

I want to make the least impact and until now thought cremation was the way to go. Now I know differently

DM, Brights Grove

The idea of a natural burial is very comforting as I get closer to the end of my life. I love nature and want it to love me.

DD, Lion's Head

I want to give back to the earth! I compost everything, including my cat litter. Now it's my turn to be fodder.

CC, Meaford

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Ontario has the highest cemetery fees in Canada. Let’s change that!


Ontario has the highest cemetery fees in Canada. Let’s change that!